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Vivian Hughbanks - Tue Apr 7

Tuesday afternoon, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) officially announced his bid for the White House in 2016. But since his 2013 filibuster brought him into the conservative limelight, hes been killing it with the millennial crowd. ... more

Vivian Hughbanks - Wed Feb 4

They don't believe in governance. They don't believe in science. And they don't believe in Barack Obama. They have a trifecta going about being opposed to everything that's proposed. ... more

John C. Goodman - Sat Feb 15

Sarah Jean Seman - Wed Oct 30

President Obama showcased his‘consumer friendly’ website in a 2010 how-to titled ‘Not Your Ordinary Website Demo.’ ... more

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Daniel J. Mitchell - Tue Jul 9

As I explained back in April, I’m cautiously optimistic that Obamacare will fall apart for the simple reason that it’s impossible to have a workable government-run healthcare system without the type of brutal rationing and sub-standard care found in places like the United Kingdom. ... more