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Christine Rousselle - Tue Nov 17

Yikes. ... more

John Kass - Thu Jul 9

John Stossel - Wed Feb 26

Marybeth Hicks - Wed Apr 24

My daughter’s smartphone buzzed when she was out of the room. I picked it up to see who was texting her and was puzzled by the message that previewed on the screen, so I read the entire exchange. What I discovered concerned me. When I talked to her about it, she turned the tables on me and said I’d invaded her privacy. The issue I discovered is important and I don’t want to lose the chance to guide her behavior, but now we’re arguing only about privacy and whether I trust her. How much privacy should I allow my daughter? ... more

America - Wed Dec 5

"They're asking for everyone in the country to be turned into suspects before they have any evidence they've committed a crime." ... more

Michael Norton - Wed Jan 4

It used to be said that the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. Saying this was a tongue and cheek means of addressing simpler times and plainer ways. In the same lighthearted spirit the way to a woman’s heart was viewed as far more mysterious, and was often described as a path laced with kindness, understanding, flowers, and a diamond or two. ... more

Debra J. Saunders - Sun Dec 18

"No call, no text, no update, is worth a human life," National Transportation Safety Board Chairwoman Deborah Hersman said in a statement explaining her panel's recommendation in favor of a complete ban on the use of personal electronic devices in cars. ... more

Mona Charen - Fri Dec 16

A few months ago, tooling along in my brand new Honda (aka "cute car"), I came to a stop at a red light. On my right, a police cruiser with lights flashing was investigating a fender bender. A total of three cars, the two that were in the accident plus the police car, were off on the shoulder. I was waiting for the light to change when -- bam -- someone crashed into me from behind. ... more