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Last night, the Supreme Court issued a ruling? declining to block new pro-life legislation in Texas requiring abortion doctors have hospital admitting privileges. The pro-abortion group NARAL isn't happy about it and is calling it a "devastating blow" to women's health. ... more

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The Supreme Court will not Texas legislation banning abortion after five months of pregnancy and requiring abortion clinics meet surgical facility standards. ... more

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Pro-choice celebrities and feminists held a not-so-classy telethon in a NYC basement for Texas women who are "suffering under dangerous abortion laws." ... more

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What was scarier than those ghouls and goblins walking down your street this Halloween weekend? Pro-choice advocates rereading aloud all 212 pages of Texas State Senator Wendy Davis’s pro-abortion filibuster. ... more

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This is why I don't take political advice from movie stars. ... more

Christine Rousselle - Thu Oct 3

Texas Right to Life is not backing down from its criticism of Texas Senator Wendy Davis as she prepares to announce her campaign for governor. In a new 60-second radio ad that will be played in South Texas markets, listeners are reminded of Davis’ extreme views on abortion and the lengths she took to defend abortions over halfway through pregnancy. ... more