Terry Savage on Townhall

Terry Savage - Tue Nov 1

Interestingly, the content of the three-day event seemed far more conservative than at the other shows, perhaps reflecting the mostly Midwest audience, or maybe because the enthusiasm for speculation has been tempered by the sideways, but volatile, market activity recently. ... more

Terry Savage - Tue Oct 11

Monday's 330-point rally in the Dow, to a closing at 11,433.18, is a great demonstration of how futile -- and even dangerous -- it is to base your investment strategy on one day's headlines, whether on the upside or on the downside. ... more

Terry Savage - Tue Aug 16

Ironically, many of the states with the largest debt burden already have relatively high tax structures, meaning it will be even more difficult to fill the gap. But they will try. And eventually, you could find the most productive people moving out of high-tax states to those with lower rates. ... more

Terry Savage - Sun Jul 3

There are many rip-offs out there, promising help and charging steep fees. That can only add to your woes. But it's even worse to ignore the situation and hope the debt collectors will give up on finding you. ... more

Terry Savage - Sat Apr 30

Judging by the number of words it took the Fed chairman to get his message across in his first live press conference after a Fed meeting, it's no wonder some are a little confused. ... more