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Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Dec 17

Leah Barkoukis - Sun Nov 29

The Nov. 13 terror attacks in Paris has forced France to examine its security policies, including at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, where it was recently discovered that 57 employees who had access to airplanes and runways were on a terror watch list. ... more

Justin Holcomb - Thu Nov 19

The definition of 'obligation' states that a person is morally or legally bound to an act or course of action and that it is a duty or commitment. ... more

Justin Holcomb - Thu Nov 19

The mastermind behind last week's Paris attacks has been killed after a several hour-long stand off with French police and military forces. ... more

Steve Chapman - Thu Nov 19

Leah Barkoukis - Fri Nov 13

Good. ... more

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Bringing the worlds worst terrorists to a prison near you. ... more

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