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As Democrats around the country continue to tout they "fix it, don't end it" mentality about how to deal with the ongoing disaster of Obamacare, they seem to be forgetting who's paying for the promotion of President Obama's signature achievement: taxpayers. ... more

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America spends $11,000 on education spending per student. This hefty price tag ranks the U.S. at fifth internationally for spending per studen ... more

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The House and Senate came to a bipartisan agreement on a $1.1 trillion dollar federal budget Monday. Just how much is a trillion dollars? ... more

Lee Schalk - Thu Nov 14

While New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races dominated headlines last week, the most fascinating election story wasn’t on the East Coast. It was in Colorado, where Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates chipped in millions to fund a $1 billion income tax hike campaign, only to see it handily defeated by nearly a 2-1 margin—proof that the threat of a massive tax hike can transform a moderate electorate into a throng of fiscal conservatives. ... more

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