Tax-and-Spend on Townhall

Austin Hill - Sun Oct 2

Just because you’ve excelled in your chosen career field doesn’t mean that you have a clue about economics. And just because people claim that they are being self-sacrificing, doesn’t necessarily make it so. As President Obama struggles seeks support for his tax-and-spend “jobs bill,” an intriguing chorus of supporters has emerged, intertwining fact and fiction. ... more

Donald Lambro - Thu Sep 22

What if Barack Obama had begun his presidency by enacting a permanent tax cut that further lowered income tax rates, cut the capital gains rate in half and reduced business taxes across the board? ... more

Paul Greenberg - Wed Jul 27

Looking for a clear, concise, simple explanation of why it's important -- indeed, vital -- to hold the line against raising the federal debt limit unless federal spending is cut at least as much? ... more

Donald Lambro - Fri Jul 22

President Obama's job approval score sank to nearly 40 percent this week in the midst of a budget and debt-limit crisis that threatens to further weaken our economy and America's future. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Sun Jul 3

In what we should all hope happens at the national level, Minnesota shuts down after failing to pass a balanced budget by the June 30 deadline. ... more

Jim Gilmore - Sat Jun 25

An old joke says the IRS will tax even your patience. Don’t say it out loud in Washington this summer. It might give new ideas to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. ... more

David Malpass - Fri Jun 3

The Constitution surely would have limited debt forcefully if the Founding Fathers had imagined a government so powerful it could borrow trillions of dollars. That's why there's an opportunity for lawmakers to get public support for an effective new debt limit that will actually restrain Washington spending. ... more

Byron York - Mon May 9

Barack Obama believes he can leverage some of his killing-bin-Laden popularity into new power on Capitol Hill. If so, he can forget about "unity." ... more

Donald Lambro - Fri Apr 15

There he goes again. President Obama says that what America needs right now are higher taxes to pay the government's mounting bills and curb its $14 trillion debt. ... more

Michael Medved - Wed Mar 9

As they prepare to make a serious case for his replacement in 2012, Barack Obama’s conservative critics need to decide: is the president radical – or more of the same? ... more

Donald Lambro - Wed Jan 12

Liberalism was running at full throttle in the Age of Obama until it collided with the 2010 midterm elections. ... more

Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Dec 2

The most interesting current political question is not whether Barack Obama will triangulate after his party's midterm shellacking -- he probably won't -- but what in the world California's new/old governor, Jerry Brown, will do in January 2011. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Fri Nov 26

A liberal friend of mine sent out an email this past week urging all of the recipients to urge their Representative and Senator to push for the passage of the Dream Act when Congress reconvenes next week. ... more

Paul Jacob - Sun Nov 21

There are a lot of ugly truths to be told about America's favorite welfare state program. Who will dare tell them... before it's too late? ... more

Guy Benson - Thu Nov 11

In a political analysis written more than a month before the midterm elections, I predicted that Republicans would “run up the score” in Big Ten country. ... more

Michelle Malkin - Fri Oct 16

Here's the dirty little secret about political candidates and officeholders labeled by the mainstream media as "moderate Republicans": There's usually nothing moderate about them. ... more