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Ransom Notes Radio - Sat Jul 27

Let’s expand the corporate welfare state. . . After all, it worked out so well for GM and Detroit. Tad DeHaven, with Cato, joined the program to discuss the way States and the Feds are trying to pick winners and losers. (They’re mostly picking losers, by the way.) ... more

Tad DeHaven - Fri Jul 26

In a recent op-ed for the Indianapolis Star I discussed the symbiotic relationship between federal and state government when it comes to doling out corporate welfare subsidies. ... more

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Tad DeHaven - Sun Jun 2

In addition to doing little to curb the size of government, it does nothing to rein in the federal government’s scope. ... more

Tad DeHaven - Mon May 13

Last week I discussed the tendency for policymakers to treat the Pentagon like a giant jobs program. It was prompted by an article from the Associated Press on members of Congress shoving unwanted upgraded Abrams tanks down taxpayers’ throats because retooling tanks sustains jobs back in the district. ... more

Tad DeHaven - Mon May 6

Over the past two years Congress has spent almost a half billion taxpayer dollars—and wants to spend another $436 million—upgrading Abrams tanks that experts and the Army itself say aren’t needed. ... more

Tad DeHaven - Mon Apr 22

As I often point out, waste always comes with government the same way a Happy Meal always comes with a toy and drink. There is duplication and waste in the federal government because it has become massive and there are virtually no limits on what politicians can spend money on. ... more

Tad DeHaven - Mon Apr 8

The president will apparently propose modest measures to slow the growth in entitlement spending in exchange for more tax increases. That would raise hopes for what the Beltway class likes to refer to as the “grand bargain,” but for those of us who are looking for considerably less government in our lives it would hardly be cause for enthusiasm. ... more

Tad DeHaven - Mon Mar 18

More effective (or efficient) government is also what liberals stand for ... more

Tad DeHaven - Mon Mar 11

Saturday Night Live’s mocking of the administration’s sky-is-falling posture is a hopeful indication that the anti-spending cuts politicians might have overplayed their hand. ... more