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Cortney O'Brien - Tue Dec 29

Interesting choice. ... more

Matt Vespa - Wed Sep 30

Not all strikes are targeting ISIS ... more

Matt Vespa - Sat Sep 26

The conflict has impacted some of the grain-pricing parts of the country, especially around the city of Aleppo. ... more

Matt Vespa - Sun Sep 20

Syrians are the main beneficiaries of this policy change ... more

Vivian Hughbanks - Thu Feb 12

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is apprehensive about the State Departments plan to resettle thousands of Syrian refugees in the United States. FBI Assistant Director Michael Steinbach said Wednesday that those seeking new homes would have to be thoroughly vetted before relocating to U.S. soil. ... more

Matt Vespa - Fri Jan 16

Boots on the ground. ... more

Ken Blackwell - Thu Mar 20

Mon Dec 16

Nicole Bailey - Mon Dec 16

The United Nations launched its largest humanitarian aid request ever today, asking for $12.9 billion on behalf of 500 organizations - $6.5 billion of which would address problems from the Syrian conflict. The UN is trying to persuade China, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to contribute more (especially as the United States and Europe have been struggling with domestic economic crises), but its fundraising goals are rarely met. ... more

Night Watch - Fri Dec 13

Nicole Bailey - Sun Nov 17

In Washington DC, panelists at the Middle East Institute’s annual conference clashed on the topic of a US-Iran rapprochement. Dr. Mohsen Milani of the University of South Florida remarked that a US-Iran rapprochement would more profoundly influence the Middle East in the future than either the Syrian conflict or sectarianism, but Dr. F. Gregory Gause of the Brookings Doha Center countered that Dr. Milani and others were “getting ahead of themselves.” ... more

Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Nov 14

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