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President Obama recently dismissed Republican praise for economic freedom, limited government, and fiscal responsibility as “an agenda that was better-suited for the last century.” ... more

Dan Holler - Mon Sep 3

Although many policy wonks were starved for details last week, and will be again this week, political conventions are properly understood as political theater. The big themes coming out of the conventions will provide structure to the remainder of the presidential contest. The policy details should (in theory) fall neatly under those broad themes, giving Americans a clear choice in November. ... more

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The most salient characteristic of the Obama administration's abject failure to put the American economy back to work has been their deafening silence on the issue in this campaign. ... more

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The Otero Country Tree Party has worked to stay within the law and asked people to leave their pitchforks and chainsaws at home. The trees were cut by professionals, who safely dropped them, as a cheering public looked on. Congressman Steve Pearce cut the first tree under the direct supervision of the professionals. The Tree Party supporters then helped clean up—doing what the USFS should be doing. ... more

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Some years ago, the columnist and editor Michael Kinsley sponsored a contest to come up with the most boring headline. The winner was, "Worthwhile Canadian Initiative." ... more

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Here's what you didn't hear: This conservative wave of 2010 included some Hispanic-American voters. That fact inconveniently flouts the conventional liberal wisdom. ... more