Susan Rice on Townhall

America - Mon Dec 3

Pundits discuss whether the UN Ambassador can be nominated for Secretary of State. ... more

Ken Blackwell - Sat Dec 1

Liberal Washington Post editorial page commentator Ruth Marcus sees sexism in the Republican opposition to naming the current U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, as Hillary Clinton’s replacement as Secretary of State. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Thu Nov 29

The only thing worse than losing in politics is quitting after a loss since the vast and great American sport of politics never stops, and increasingly doesn't even pause for the holidays. ... more

America - Wed Nov 28

Former Amb. John Bolton criticizes Susan Rice for her statements on Libya. ... more

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Sen. Kelly Ayotte dismayed by Ambassador Susan Rice's misleading talking points on Benghazi. ... more

Kevin Glass - Mon Nov 26

Jonah Goldberg - Fri Nov 23

If the GOP wants to win more black votes, it will need to get a lot more "racist." ... more

Donald Lambro - Wed Nov 21

One of President Obama's national security boasts in the 2012 presidential election was that al Qaeda's ranks have been "decimated," they're "on the run," and "on the path to defeat." So when the evil, terrorist network built by Osama bin Laden destroyed the U.S. consulate in Libya and killed our ambassador and three other officials on Sept. 11, it sent a chilling message that, contrary to Obama's preposterous claim, al Qaeda's very much alive and capable of killing Americans with impunity on U.S. soil. ... more

America - Tue Nov 20

MSNBC's Richard Wolffe believes "there's no other way to look at it." ... more

America - Mon Nov 19

Sen. John McCain wants Ambassador Susan Rice to hold herself accountable for false information. ... more

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At his news conference Wednesday, President Barack Obama postured as the young Galahad striding out onto the schoolyard to stop a pair of bullies from beating up a girl. ... more

Rich Galen - Fri Nov 16

One of the great character-study movies of all time is the 1933 film Duck Soup starring the Marx Brothers. ... more

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Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) and fellow women House Democrats are outraged at Republicans for daring to...criticize a woman? ... more