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Katie Pavlich - Mon Feb 3

The world of politics never sleeps, even on Superbowl Sunday and the Denver Bronco's performance (or non-performance) served up plenty of material for some snarky tweets ... more

Rich Galen - Mon Feb 3

Katie Pavlich - Mon Feb 3

As the Broncos were getting pummeled yesterday on Fox Sports, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took an swipe at Fox News for continuing their coverage and investigation into the 9/11 Benghazi terror attack. ... more

Sarah Jean Seman - Wed Jan 29

The thousands of heated fans who crowd into MetLife Stadium Sunday might be stirred to debate something other than the winner of Super Bowl XLVIII. ... more

Michael Reagan - Thu Jan 23

John Ransom - Mon Feb 4

Pursuant with the terms of my plea bargain agreement and by order of the court, “Number 81®” hereby submits this apology to you, to the patrons of Danny’s All Night Café and to the fine ladies of the Buddy’s Airport Lounge and Go-Go Barn. ... more

David Harsanyi - Wed Feb 8

On Super Bowl Sunday, America was treated to the most expensive political commercial in history -- brought to you by Chrysler -- called "It's Halftime in America." ... more

New York - Tue Feb 7

Bill O'Reilly says Clint Eastwood "caught in the political wars" after Chrysler Super Bowl ad. Analysts discuss the issue. ... more

Indiana - Fri Feb 3

Gov. Mitch Daniels weighs in on Indiana's new right-to-work legislation and the Superbowl. ... more

Pasadena - Fri Jan 6

Next stop for the banner: the Super Bowl. ... more

Brian McNicoll - Tue Nov 22

There is a problem with the Bowl Championship Series, but it’s not the one you probably think. College football doesn’t need a playoff. A traditional playoff system – an eight-team or even four-team bracket – brings nothing in the way of advantages over the current system and probably would make things considerably worse. ... more