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Crystal Wright - Mon Mar 12

When Rush Limbaugh exercised his 1st Amendment right to free speech and criticized Sandra Fluke for whining about paying for her birth control pills, Democrats and the liberal mainstream media pounced. ... more

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Floyd and Mary Beth Brown - Wed Feb 15

The GOP presidential contest is officially out of control. We blame Mitt Romney. ... more

Susan Brown - Wed Feb 8

During campaign appearances in 2008, Americans were swept off their feet (some quite literally if you take into account the swooning women) with the idea of "hope and change." In almost childlike faith, people grabbed on to the promise that then Senator Barack Obama was a different kind of politician who promised to be the proverbial tie binding us together in unity. ... more

Michelle Malkin - Wed Feb 8

The White House didn't blow a dog whistle for deep-pocketed liberal donors on Monday. No, the administration whipped out a supersized vuvuzela. Blaring message: Let loose the campaign finance-bundling hounds of super PAC war! ... more

America - Wed Feb 8

Obama's "dancing with the devil!" ... more

Debra J. Saunders - Thu Feb 2

Why did the super PACs spend more than the candidates' own campaigns? Washington passed laws designed to curb the amount of money that big donors could shovel into presidential elections. It's a noble cause, but it's like passing a law against water flowing downhill. ... more

Michael Barone - Mon Jan 23

Those who take a certain pleasure in denouncing the evils negative political advertising should have spent the last week in South Carolina. They could have plunked down in front of TV sets, especially during morning, early evening and late evening news programs, and by adroit use of the remote control seen one negative spot after another. ... more

Jacob Sullum - Wed Jan 18

Winning Our Future, a "super PAC" that supports Newt Gingrich's bid for the Republican presidential nomination, is spending more than $1.2 million on ads in South Carolina, which holds its primary on Saturday. That fact requires some explanation. ... more

David Harsanyi - Wed Jan 18

Have you heard about these terrifying super PACs? According to cable news anchors -- and other trustworthy sources -- they're like political super-bugs, resistant to free will. ... more

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