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Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton won't say if she's running for president in 2016 - but that isn't stopping her supporters from launching a super PAC. ... more

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There’s a very cute Youtube video going around the internet of a little girl named Abigail crying because she’s tired of hearing about the presidential election. I imagine that she’s heard a lot less about it than those of us who are actually of voting age, which just goes to show you that everyone is sick of this presidential campaign. I know I am. Well we're all relieved that today is the day to make your vote count and wait in those long lines to make a difference in our once great nation. ... more

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It has been reported that the Obama campaign this year, as in 2008, has disabled or chosen not to use AVS in screening contributions made by credit card. That doesn't sound very important. But it's evidence of a modus operandi that strikes me as thuggish. ... more

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In the two weeks before this month's Super Tuesday primaries, The Wall Street Journal reports, "outside political action committees supporting the Republican presidential hopefuls spent three times as much as the candidates themselves." ... more

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When Rush Limbaugh exercised his 1st Amendment right to free speech and criticized Sandra Fluke for whining about paying for her birth control pills, Democrats and the liberal mainstream media pounced. ... more