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I don't know why they didn't ask you. When wanted to know the eight things really successful people do, they should have come to you. Instead, the wackadoos at went to Kevin Daum. ... more

Night Watch - Wed May 1

What is apparent is that Kim Jong Un has put his country and population under significant stress and has little to show for it, whether measured in increased national readiness, increased personal loyalty or US recognition as a nuclear armed state. UN Sanctions remain in place. Kim refuses South Korean aid and international aid has dried up in a donation weary world. Kim still seems to need a victory. ... more

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The Republicans are doomed. Conservatism is over. President Obama is conducting a mop-up operation at this point. That's the basic consensus in places like New York City, Washington, D.C., and other citadels of blue America. ... more

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Here’s my theory about viral emails: There are only two reasons emails go viral on the Internet. They’re either too good to be true or they’re so true that they simply must be shared. Think about it. ... more

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When British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan was asked what might knock his administration off course, he famously responded, "Events, dear boy, events." There's a lot of truth to that. At any point in time, an unexpected event can throw the political world into turmoil. However, more often than not, it's not the blindside hit that gets you so much as the freight train you've seen coming for miles. ... more