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Christine Rousselle - Sat Nov 14

What are your thoughts? ... more

Ashley Pratte - Mon Jun 30

Kristan Hawkins - Wed Jan 22

Cortney O'Brien - Thu Nov 21

Drug store employees apparently have no problem selling the Plan B pill to a man who admits he wants to give it secretly to a 15-year-old girl. ... more

Christine Rousselle - Wed Nov 13

In the video, a young girl is shown attempting to buy Sudafed, an over-the-counter cold medicine, and Plan B, an emergency contraceptive. She is permitted to purchase the Plan B, but is prohibited from purchasing Sudafed as she is not 18 years old. ... more

Leah Barkoukis - Tue Sep 10

Students for Life of America hit the road today for the start of the Planned Parenthood Project, an eight-week tour of 41 universities across the U.S. The group will travel more than 18,000 miles to bring attention to the fact that the abortion giant does in fact perform abortions, and that it also targets college-aged men and women. ... more

Washington, DC - Thu Mar 21

President of Students for Life Kristan Hawkins discusses the pro-life movement at CPAC 2013. ... more