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John Ransom - Mon Jul 23

One prominent donor to Obama said the stimulus money given out to supporters was like dropping a hooker into a prison exercise yard. ... more

America - Wed Jul 11

DNC Spokeswoman Melanie Roussell - On KPCC, Southern California public radio, Roussell admits that stimulus money meant for the American economy was spent overseas. ... more

James Hyerczyk - Thu Jul 5

This week the talk of economic stimulus and planned moves by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz boosted prices of both of these commodities on Tuesday. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Mon Jun 25

Germany, France, Italy, and Spain have agreed to spend 1% of GDP on new stimulus measures. Where is the money coming from? They will not say. Most likely from somewhere else, better known as nowhere. ... more

Justin Hart - Thu Jun 21

There are literally umpteen thousand quotes on the Internet about “expectations” and any one of them explains outright why Barack Obama will lose the upcoming election. ... more