Stephanie Cutter on Townhall

America - Tue Sep 4

"We're on our path forward...he's not done yet." ... more

Bruce Bialosky - Mon Aug 20

The year 1965 brought us a new program aimed at securing health care for Americans over the age of 65. This program is now becoming the centerpiece of the 2012 presidential campaign, yet many Americans don’t understand the basic financial facts about the plan, or why its sustainability is considered so essential to America’s future. ... more

Rich Galen - Thu Aug 9

The SuperPAC supporting Barack Obama, PrioritiesUSA Action, has produced an ad showing a man who claims is wife died of cancer because the steel plant at which he worked was closed by Mitt Romney. ... more

America - Thu Aug 9

After refusing to denounce the lies and distortion of the ad, the Obama campaign repeatedly claimed it had no idea about Joe Soptic's story even though they had him tell the same story during an OFA conference call earlier this spring. So, their actions beg the question--what else are they lying about? ... more

America - Wed Aug 8

"I don't know the facts of when Joe Soptic's wife got sick, or when she died." ... more

America - Thu Aug 2

Stephanie Cutter on the White House using personal email for official business. ... more

Chicago, IL - Tue Jul 17

Stephanie Cutter, Obama Campaign Manager - “Part of the election process is to give voters a lens into which, how presidents, uh, would make decisions, what judgments and perspectives, and motivations presidents would have.” ... more