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Kyle Olson - Wed Jun 8

Public sector unions moved rapidly this year to teach Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker a lesson for his “attack” on collective bargaining. ... more

Jeff Stier - Wed Jun 1

Taxing any disfavored behavior takes us down a slippery slope leading to government intervention into every decision we make. Such a scheme could never be fair and effective. ... more

Paul Jacob - Sun May 29

In America, and now especially in the Rocky Mountain State, "who" serves "whom" has become a live political -- and legal -- issue. ... more

Richmond, VA - Thu May 19

"David was just flat wrong" says Gov. Bob McDonnell about David Axelrod's recent accusations. ... more

New Jersey - Thu May 19

NJ Gov. Christie on the absurdity of government "sick day payouts". ... more

Robert Knight - Tue May 17

In Wymore, Neb., citizens got fed up with a councilman who kept leaving meetings. So last Tuesday, May 10, they voted him out in a recall election. ... more

Carol Platt Liebau - Mon May 16

What's most interesting about the union's routine demands for "sacrifice" from taxpayers is how little they're prepared to ask of themselves and their fellow state employees. ... more

Austin Hill - Sun May 15

The wisdom of the American people is prevailing in some of the most unlikely places. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Sat May 14

Those looking for bad news can find plenty of it in Australia, which in my opinion is soon headed for recession and rate cuts. ... more

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown - Fri May 13

It has been a busy week in presidential politics. With Barack Obama gaining only a minimal boost from the slaying of Osama Bin Laden, it is now obvious to Republicans considering a run that he is vulnerable. ... more

Austin Hill - Sun May 8

Unemployment is rising, the federal government is broke, and so are many of the states. Now more than ever America needs its various governments to exercise restraint, and to scale-back on spending. ... more

Pete Sepp - Thu May 5

While the nation struggles with gas prices hovering at $4 per gallon, our representatives in Washington are so busy pointing fingers at each other they have failed to take the necessary, prudent steps that would address the problem: chief among them, carefully allowing more domestic production to stabilize oil markets. ... more

Austin Hill - Sun May 1

The U.S. Federal Government is on a collision course of debt and deficits. And California may be the best example yet of “the feds on steroids.” ... more

Mike Needham - Mon Apr 25

There’s a lot of talk around the country – especially among conservatives – about who will be the savior of the Republican Party as the presidential candidate in 2012. All of that talk is premature. ... more

Washington, DC - Mon Apr 18

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker came to Washington last week, justifying his recent political battle with Constitutional principles. ... more

John C. Goodman - Tue Mar 15

I can't think of any single act of government that creates more inequality than the lottery—at least per dollar raised and spent. ... more

Kyle Olson - Thu Mar 3

In the ongoing battle between public employees and taxpayers, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has cited WEA Trust, a company that specializes in providing health insurance to school employees, as the number one reason why collective bargaining must be reformed. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Wed Mar 2

Leave it to a prof at the University of Arkansas -- specifically, an economist in its Department of Education Reform -- to go to the heart (and guts) of what all the fuss is about in Wisconsin. ... more

Pat Buchanan - Tue Mar 1

The anti-democratic methods President Obama's union allies are using in Wisconsin testify to the crucial character of the battle being fought. ... more

Emmet McGroarty - Wed Feb 23

How special interests and the federal government quietly restructured and took over education, cutting parents out of the process. ... more

Sandy Rios - Wed Feb 23

“It was wonderful! You should have been there! It’s just like the Sixties!” A Wisconsin teacher reported effusively to my friend, another Wisconsin schoolteacher. ... more