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Reuters News - Tue Oct 11

Kyle Olson - Wed Oct 5

Virtually no state is immune to the red ink found in school budgets, which is a result of routine overspending. For too long, schools have not kept spending in check. They’ve given raises they couldn’t afford, they maintained bloated benefit packages that far exceeded their private-sector counterparts, and they haven’t employed much business sense in managing massive, multi-million dollar operations. ... more

Cal Thomas - Tue Aug 23

While the federal government continues to drown in a sea of debt, several states are reporting surpluses, thanks to policies Washington would do well to emulate. ... more

Kyle Olson - Sat Aug 20

If teachers really supported their union, they would pay their dues. If they don’t support their union, should they be forced to be members and pay dues? ... more

Terry Savage - Tue Aug 16

Ironically, many of the states with the largest debt burden already have relatively high tax structures, meaning it will be even more difficult to fill the gap. But they will try. And eventually, you could find the most productive people moving out of high-tax states to those with lower rates. ... more

Meredith Turney - Mon Jul 18

"The best talent was in California and could have created thousands of jobs there. But it was the government's tax policies that drove the company into the arms of another state." ... more

Kevin McCullough - Sun Jul 10

All of a sudden President Obama is using words that--up until recently--have been largely missing from his vocabulary. Words like "hire, small businesses, and private sector," went missing from his strategy for so long they could pretty much parody a Dr. Evil scene from the Austin Powers films making references to concepts long forgotten. Just think, "death star" and "tractor beam." ... more

Austin Hill - Sun Jul 3

“Failed state.” That sounds harsh, doesn’t it? Do a web search with the words “failed state” and names like Somalia, Haiti, and Sudan will appear on your computer screen. ... more

Minnesota - Fri Jul 1

No agreement on how to balance budget led to government shut down in Minnesota beginning today. ... more Staff - Wed Jun 29 Staff - Wed Jun 29

Steven Aden - Fri Jun 24

As the fight for life over death continues, the battlefield has shifted to the states, where legislatures realigned politically as a result of the November 2010 mid-term elections are doing yeoman's work in the defense of innocents. ... more Staff - Fri Jun 17