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Rich Galen - Wed Feb 13

"The state of the Union," the President reported last night, "is stronger." He said, to prove his point, we have more created new jobs, sold more American cars, bought less foreign oil, and are sending fewer soldiers into battle. ... more

Chris Edwards - Sun Jan 27

Once certain products or types of infrastructure take off, politicians want to get in on the action by subsidizing and regulating them. In turn, those interventions have usually led to distortions, scandals, and cost inflation. ... more

America - Fri Jan 25

Bobby Jindal remarks to RNC members ... more

Pat Buchanan - Thu Jan 10

We are here tonight to celebrate the centennial of a statesman, a profile in courage and an extraordinary man we are all proud to have served: the 37th president of the United States, Richard Milhous Nixon. ... more

Connecticut - Mon Dec 17

Part of President Obama's speech in Newtown, Conn. Sunday evening. ... more

Mike Adams - Wed Oct 31

Two Fridays ago, I was busy preparing for a campus debate and finishing the final edits on my next book. It was a busy day and I simply did not have time to deal with a totalitarian college administrator posing as a genuine liberal. But these people never rest. ... more