Spain on Townhall

George Friedman - Sat May 25

It was not the paucity of cars that struck me; it was the almost complete absence of trucks. This was, after all, the road from the coast to the capital, not the only road but still a significant one. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Fri May 24

By the way, this is yet another warning call "If you have money in Spanish banks, move it somewhere else immediately!" ... more

Political Calculations - Sat May 18

Which aspect of Rajoy's austerity program is most responsible for sinking Spain's fortunes? Was it the spending cuts? Or was it the tax rate hikes? ... more

Mike Shedlock - Sun May 12

It should be obvious, to anyone reading this, that Spain is in an economic depression as well as bankrupt. It is equally obviously that eurozone imbalances and a flawed treaty are to blame. ... more

Reuters News - Fri May 10

Mike Shedlock - Fri Apr 26

The important point is not agreement or disagreement with the author, but rather that a eurozone exit is now openly presented as a viable option in a mainstream Spanish newspaper. Expect such sentiment to grow along with rising unemployment and a sinking Spanish economy. ... more

Reuters News - Tue Apr 23

Mike Shedlock - Thu Apr 11

Never mind that Spanish unemployment is 26.6% and youth unemployment exceeds 55%. The nannycrats wants Spain to hike taxes even more to make up for budget shortfalls. ... more

Reuters News - Wed Apr 3