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Amy Oliver - Sun Oct 23

Mining in China has turned towns and hamlets into “cancer villages.” Rivers run murky white to shades of orange. Fish and ducks are dead. And villagers bury friends and neighbors who die of cancer in their 30s and 40s reports Intellasia. ... more

Jeff Carter - Fri Oct 21

The Greek economy is puny. The city of Los Angeles has more economic activity. But the lessons of Greece are large. ... more

Julie Gunlock - Tue Oct 18

The media likes to use the word “epidemic” and “health crisis” to hype problems and draw an audience's attention. When we are talking about the so-called “childhood obesity epidemic,” a little sober analysis would benefit the discussion. ... more

AP News - Mon Oct 17

Reuters News - Fri Oct 14

AP News - Fri Oct 14

Jonah Goldberg - Fri Oct 14

Should we bomb Iran for plotting to blow up a Washington, D.C. restaurant in order to assassinate the Saudi ambassador? Probably not. Should Iran be worried that we might? Absolutely. ... more

Reuters News - Thu Oct 13