Solargate on Townhall

Mark W. Hendrickson - Thu Nov 17

A barrage of news headlines on the Solyndra scandal continue to remind us that President Obama made green jobs one of his administration’s priorities. ... more Staff - Thu Nov 17 Staff - Thu Nov 17 Staff - Thu Nov 17

Donald Lambro - Wed Nov 2

The White House's half billion dollar loan to a now- bankrupt solar panel firm is just the first act in an emerging scandal of insider political influence over a deeply flawed, and possibly corrupt, clean energy program. ... more

New York, New York - Mon Oct 31

Beacon Power received $43 million in a shaky DOE deal. Like Solyndra before it, its lights appear out. ... more Staff - Thu Oct 13 Staff - Tue Oct 4

Washington D.C. - Tue Oct 4

President Obama says he has no regrets over betting $535 million of taxpayer's money on the failed venture Solyndra. ... more Staff - Tue Oct 4