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New York, NY - Thu Sep 29

White House memo from 2010 warns of risks in giving the loan. But, fortunately, the loan helped Solyndra buy robots that whistled Disney Tunes. So it wasn't a total waste of tax payer money. ... more

Paul Driessen - Mon Sep 26

Delaware’s political establishment thinks First State electricity consumers should subsidize the manufacturing of super-sized fuel cells, under the auspices of California-based Bloom Energy, to replace natural gas and coal-fired power plants in generating electricity. ... more

Amy Oliver - Sun Sep 25

Turns out there's a lot of money to go around when a company gets a taxpayer loan. Congressional campaigns, governor campaigns and yes, even presidents get a rebate when loans are made. ... more

Michael Medved - Wed Sep 21

With gridlocked Washington unable to choose between the two great economists Keynes and Hayek, some leaders of both parties are attempting to come together in embracing the philosophy of another influential thinker: the immortal J. Wellington Wimpy. ... more

John Ransom - Tue Sep 6

In a preview of what’s likely to become a common occurrence in the Obama energy strategy, a California manufacturer of solar systems that was financed by a half-a-billion loan through the Obama administration announced that it would seek bankruptcy protection. ... more

Jonah Goldberg - Fri Sep 2

President Obama is going to give yet another Big Speech next week. Who among us can contain his excitement? ... more

Paul Driessen - Fri Aug 26

Every American manufacturing company gets tax deductions that help it create jobs and strengthen our economy – whether it produces newspapers, furniture, cars or fuel. Eliminating those deductions would increase unemployment and further slow our nation’s desperately needed economic recovery. ... more

Paul Driessen - Sat Aug 6

A frequent refrain during budget and debt ceiling debates is that we need revenue enhancement: higher tax rates, reduced deductions, eliminated credits. But doing this, especially amid today’s massively expanding regulations, will kill more jobs and further reduce government revenues. ... more

Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Jun 16

Barack Obama is the most reactionary president in the recent history of the United States. ... more

Katie Kieffer - Mon May 23

So, what can we do to lower gas prices? Lately, liberals have been explaining away high gas prices with two fables. ... more

Mike Needham - Mon May 9

Unless you’ve been living in Abbottabad, you’ve probably noticed the price of gasoline is rising almost as fast as our national debt. How our government spends our money and how we decide to power our economy are two of the most pressing challenges facing our country. ... more

Katie Kieffer - Mon Apr 25

Earth to Washington: The free market offers practical solutions for "going green." ... more

Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Apr 14

Barack Obama just gave a belated but stern warning about escalating debt -- a few weeks after he presented a 2011 budget with a $1.6 trillion annual deficit, the largest shortfall in American history. ... more

Frank J. Fleming - Fri Apr 1

The same U.S. government that got man to the moon is now teamed with GM to get you to the corner store... for $41,000. ... more

Willie Soon - Mon Mar 21

Japan is grappling with a triple tragedy: earthquake, tsunami and possible nuclear radiation. This has brought rolling blackouts, as authorities strive to meet electricity demands with reduced supplies and crippled transmission lines. ... more

David Limbaugh - Fri Mar 18

It's interesting the Dems don't see the same urgency in our looming entitlement crisis as they do in their fake energy crisis. ... more

Paul Driessen - Mon Feb 28

America is running out of natural gas. Prices will soar, making imported liquefied natural gas (LNG) and T Boone Pickens' wind farm plan practical, affordable and inevitable. That was then. ... more