Social Security Disability on Townhall

Matt Vespa - Tue Jan 26

Obama was light on financial details at last SOTU -- there's a reason for that ... more

MacMillin Slobodien - Mon Mar 23

Daniel J. Mitchell - Sat Apr 13

When I think of the disability program, I think of the bum who is collecting a check so he can be an “adult baby” ... more

Jonah Goldberg - Wed Apr 3

The government in Britain recently did something interesting. It asked everyone receiving an "incapacity benefit" -- a disability program slowly being phased out under new reforms -- to submit to a medical test to confirm they were too disabled to work. A third of recipients (878,000 people) didn't even bother and dropped out of the program rather than be examined. Of those tested, more than half (55 percent) were found fit for work, and a quarter were found fit for some work. ... more

Rich Tucker - Sun Mar 31

In the U.S. we like to think we’re all about enabling people. We ban discrimination based on creed or color. We insist that facilities be accessible to the disabled. We brag about an America where anyone can climb the ladder of success. ... more