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Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Sep 29

When President Obama's polls hit 40 percent approval, he fumed at "billionaires and millionaires," "fat cat bankers" and "corporate jet owners." In his sloppy targeting, Obama doesn't care much that a billionaire has 1,000 times more than a millionaire -- or that his new tax proposals will take a lot more from those making $200,000 than from the tiny few making $1 million. ... more

Armstrong Williams - Tue Jul 5

It almost goes without saying that the human brain is a remarkable computing machine. It stores everything we’ve ever heard or seen, and can process more than 2 million bits of information per second on average. ... more

Erik Telford - Tue Jun 14

The White House knows that new media activism poses a major threat to the deeply-flawed narratives that the administration depends on. ... more

Rachel Alexander - Tue May 24

Social media is taking over traditional areas of campaigns, from fundraising to media to volunteer recruitment and more. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Thu Mar 24

Congratulations on a great start to your term as chair of the Republican National Committee. Past supporters are returning again to with confidence that their contributions will be well-managed and that the RNC will be about the business of building the party at every level. ... more

Chuck Norris - Tue Feb 8

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google services all have been disrupted by Egyptian governing authorities in pursuit of clamping down on protests. And we don't think the U.S. government would do the same? ... more

Romina Boccia - Tue Jan 11

The Internet is the most marvelous and open information highway humanity has yet experienced. ... more

Rich Tucker - Wed Nov 24

There’s simply more quality sites on the internet these days. ... more