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Daniel Doherty - Sun Oct 23

The famous humorist Will Rogers once said, “We always want the best man to win an election. Unfortunately, he never runs.” ... more

America - Thu Oct 20

"It gets down to that family... I shouldn't try to tell them what decision to make." ... more Staff - Mon Oct 17

Reuters News - Tue Oct 11

Reuters News - Tue Oct 11

Reuters News - Fri Oct 7

Bruce Bialosky - Mon Oct 3

Federal entitlements, which comprise 60% of the budget, have been correctly identified as the root cause of our growing annual deficit. We certainly need to enact significant reforms of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. However, in order to achieve some level of fiscal integrity, there is an equally important change that we must all accept – just saying no. ... more

AP News - Wed Sep 28

Guy Benson - Fri Sep 23

Given her prominent role as a top party spokesperson, fundraiser and cheerleader, some of Wasserman Schultz’s critics may forget that she simultaneously wears another hat: Three-term Congresswoman from Florida’s 20th Congressional District. Karen Harrington wants to strip DWS of that title in 2012. ... more

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GOP debate: social issues get little attention ... more

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This week, millions of American children return to their classrooms. Unfortunately, the material some of them will be forced to study is controversial, to say the least. ... more

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Rick Perry has gotten the Sarah Palin treatment since he declared his intention to run for the presidency. No surprise there. ... more

Carol Platt Liebau - Mon Aug 22

With the President’s own policies having exacerbated and prolonged the economic pain, Democrats from President Obama on down are once again refusing to let the crisis go to waste; they’re seeking to use the downturn as an opportunity to inculcate in struggling Americans a sense of class grievance. ... more