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Dennis Prager - Tue Sep 6

Imagine a Jewish Congress member accusing the members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) of wanting to see Jews gassed. How would any decent American -- on the right or left -- describe such a statement? Loathsome? Morally reprehensible? An obvious lie? ... more

Guy Benson - Wed Aug 31 Staff - Fri Jun 10 Staff - Thu Jun 9

John Ransom - Mon May 30

If John Kerry’s misshapen theme when running for president was “Reporting for Duty,” Obama’s theme as president is: “I’m AWOL: Ha. Ha. Ha. You can’t catch me.” If Kerry’s presidency was still-born, Obama’s died of crib-death. ... more

Reuters News - Mon Mar 21

Joel Mowbray - Fri Feb 25

Rather than engage in peace talks with Israel or reform the rampant corruption within its government, the Palestinian Authority is driving the West to distraction. ... more

Larry Kudlow - Thu Jan 20

Hu told The Wall Street Journal that "we should abandon the zero-sum Cold War mentality." But is he to be believed? ... more