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In recent days, organized labor turned harshly and vocally against the so called “Affordable Care Act.” Three leaders of America’s largest unions, including Jimmy Hoffa, wrote a jaw-dropping letter to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Excerpts of their arguments sound like a Republican opposition brief: ... more

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Liberals offer permanent excuses for abuses: Everyone does it. Yet when you examine the record, not everyone does do it. ... more

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How, exactly, does a free people overthrow an abusive bureaucracy that, as David Axelrod asserts, is too vast for even the president to be aware of, let alone control? ... more

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Not too long ago, trashing George Bush was a Hillary-approved form of patriotic dissent. Back in the day, progressives and Move On types competed proudly and exuberantly to vocalize their Bush hate, all to the national media’s approving, saturation coverage. ... more

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What difference does it make that Secretary of State Clinton ran the kind of shop where pleas from an ambassador in the hottest of global hot spots could be either denied by SOS or ignored by staff? ... more

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The aggressive impulse stems from my own political drama, which, though I’d guess isn’t rare, has nothing to do with the film or the maker’s intended message. ... more

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Perhaps in 30 years the murderer will be invited to teach at our elite universities, to explain his/her ideas for the betterment of humanity, like the chic radicals now laundered and ensconced in academia. ... more

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The Philadelphia infanticide story is like Benghazi: Big Media is violently allergic to anything that diminishes its heroes or its heroic causes. ... more