Sharia Law on Townhall

Paul Jacob - Sun Jan 31

Cal Thomas - Fri Dec 11

Cliff May - Thu May 15

Christine Rousselle - Tue Dec 17

Shop owners were warned that "this is just the beginning." ... more

Diana West - Fri Jan 11

Ever since Al Gore sold Current TV to Al Jazeera, the network founded and funded by the oil-rich emirate of Qatar, the former vice president has drawn continuous fire in conservative media. ... more

Cal Thomas - Tue Dec 4

The opening scene-setter for the 1996 film "Independence Day" might serve as a metaphor for what Egyptians could face if a draft constitution written by a panel dominated by Islamists and based on Sharia law wins approval in a referendum: "A loud rumble is heard. Suddenly, we are covered in darkness as the shadow engulfs us. Only the image of our Earth hangs in the air, until a huge silhouetted object suddenly blocks our view." ... more