Sex-Change on Townhall

Michael Brown - Mon Oct 31

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, something even more bizarre and disturbing occurs, and you can only scratch your head and wonder, “What’s next?” ... more

Michael Brown - Mon Oct 3

The fact is, we know that our minds don’t always tell us the truth, and they are far more malleable than our body. So, if our mind tells us something that biology clearly says is wrong, it’s likely our minds are misleading us. ... more

Michael Brown - Thu May 19

On May 6th, Dr. Keith Ablow, a TV psychiatrist and university professor, penned a controversial article entitled, “Cameron Diaz Is Right -- 4 Reasons Why Marriage IS a Dying Institution.” ... more

Kyle Olson - Thu Apr 14

Several months ago, Education Action Group published a scathing exposé on the Wisconsin Education Association Council-affiliated WEA Trust, a union-contrived insurance entity that is forced upon the majority of Wisconsin schools during collective bargaining negotiations. ... more

Frank Gaffney - Mon Sep 20

The United States Senate is scheduled to vote Tuesday on a motion to proceed to debate on the annual defense authorization bill. Normally, such a step is a routine mechanical one. ... more