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Pat Buchanan - Tue Oct 1

Leah Barkoukis - Sun Sep 29

With the House voting 231-192 to avoid a partial government shutdown but also delay Obamacare and permanently repeal its medical device tax, a government shutdown is looking all but certain--or is it? ... more

Cortney O'Brien - Wed Sep 4

Seven-in-ten Americans have a “very” or “mostly” unfavorable opinion of Congress -- and for good reason. ... more

Donald Lambro - Fri Aug 16

Daniel J. Mitchell - Thu Aug 1

I already explained, immediately following Obama's speech, why his “grand bargain” on corporate taxes was not a good deal because of all the hidden taxes on new investment and international competitiveness. But I also had a chance to dissect the President’s overall track record on the economy. ... more

Michael Schaus - Sat Jul 27

Well. . . Maybe it’s not that much of a secret: It turns out liberals like it when citizens become dependent upon the government. On the other hand, Mia Love recently declared “The day I need the federal government to force me to [help others], I won’t deserve the title American.” ... more

Ransom Notes Radio - Fri Jul 26

President Barack Obama says this recovery is better than most because of Obamacare – and he accused Republicans of making up “fake” scandals. Apparently the President’s intellectual dishonesty has few limits. ... more

John Ransom - Fri Jul 26

Yes, the most transparently opportunistic administration is becoming more transparent every day. In the midst of negotiations for a free-trade agreement between Europe and the U.S., the NSA Papers, made transparent by Edward Snowden, reveal that America has been spying on allies as well as enemies. ... more

Michael Schaus - Fri Jul 26

A liberal community organizing outfit in the great state of New-New-York (Colorado) was forced to delay their “gun-buy-back” program because of new laws mandating universal background checks. Their attempts were foiled by a law that mandates any “transfer of arms” must be accompanied by a background check. God, it turns out, has a tremendous sense of humor. ... more

Bill Tatro - Thu Jul 25

Why do people strive to become senators and congressmen? In my younger days — and more than likely if the unforgettable Mr. Smith (James Stewart) was asked this same question — I believe the response would have been, “To make a difference.” But as I’ve grown a little wiser I can't help but doubt. . . ... more

John Ransom - Thu Jul 25

Back then, liberals were hailing China’s top-down economic management and acumen; marveling at the endless supply of people and sucking up to Commies like they were the reigning champions on the worldwide smash hit The World Has Talent. ... more