Senate Confirmation on Townhall

Washington, D.C. - Fri Mar 8

John Brennan has won Senate confirmation to head the CIA after a late struggle that had more to do with presidential power to order drone strikes than with the nominee's credentials to lead the spy agency. ... more

Diana West - Fri Mar 1

One last question about newly confirmed Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. Why? ... more

Washington, D.C. - Tue Feb 26

The Senate has voted to move forward on the nomination of Chuck Hagel for defense secretary, clearing the way for confirmation of President Barack Obama's choice. The vote was 71-27 on Tuesday to end the GOP filibuster. ... more

Mona Charen - Fri Feb 22

Does it matter that a nominee for secretary of defense doesn't particularly care for American power? ... more

Washington, D.C. - Fri Feb 15

Former Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel became the third cabinet nominee ever to be successfully filibustered, and as Nancy Cordes reports, it came at the hands of his former Republican colleagues. ... more

Washington, D.C. - Mon Feb 11

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., says he doesn't think the nominations of Chuck Hagel to Defense Secretary and John Brennan to CIA Director should move forward until the White House answers some pressing questions on the consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya. ... more

Phyllis Schlafly - Tue Feb 5

Americans who are concerned about traditional freedoms and the Second Amendment have no difficulty understanding the message of the popular bumper strip: "If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." It should be just as easy to grasp the corollary: If nukes are outlawed, only terrorist countries will have nukes. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Sat Feb 2

Washington continues to talk, but only talk, about the danger of Bashar al-Assad's increasingly desperate regime in Syria distributing its arsenal of high-tech or even nuclear weapons to terrorists throughout the Mideast. ... more

Washington, D.C. - Fri Feb 1

In case you were not sure how Chuck Hagel felt about Israel after his "Jewish lobby" comment. ... more

Washington, D.C. - Fri Feb 1

Friends after this? We would say in my home state of Minnesota: Not so much. ... more

Washington, D.C. - Fri Feb 1

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee, told the hearing today that while he respects Hagel's service, he cannot support his nomination. Inhofe detailed issues which Hagel has "switched positions" in the last few weeks. ... more

Washington, D.C. - Wed Jan 30

The Senate has confirmed Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry as the next secretary of state. The vote was 94-3. Once sworn-in, Kerry will replace Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is stepping down after four years. ... more