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Swiss citizens should consider the government they are inviting into their daily affairs by offering to the taxing-authority direct access to their accounts. Switzerland, as compared to Eurozone countries, rate better on taxation, debt to GDP ratio and government spending. Such an economically free nation did not achieve its market strength and prosperity through a devolution of bank secrecy. ... more

Guy Benson - Thu Jun 6

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Sen. Boozman says the two negotiators need to conduct the public's business in private to avoid any pressure from outside lobbying groups.The senator felt no need to mention that the biggest such group is the American people, who have been known to have a multitude of ideas of their own, and no hesitation about expressing them, aka lobbying for them. ... more

Daniel J. Mitchell - Sun Nov 25

International bureaucracies also have a nasty habit of operating in the shadows and using thuggish behavior to thwart critics. ... more