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Katie Pavlich - Tue Jan 14

“Retailers Need to Wake Up,” Director of Government Relations and State Affairs at National Shooting Sports Foundation Jake McGuigan said during a grassroots seminar at the 2014 SHOT Show Tuesday morning. “It’s not political, it’s our livelihood and our constitutional right.” ... more

Katie Pavlich - Tue Jan 14

This week I'm in sunny Las Vegas reporting from the SHOT Show, a gigantic shooting and outdoor convention put on every year by the National Shooting Sports Foundation in the Sans Expo Center at the Venetian Hotel. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Tue Jan 7

Gun manufacturer Desert Tactical Arms recently turned down a $15 million order that would have supplied guns to Pakistan, the same terror infected country that kept Osama bin Laden hiding for a decade. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Tue Jan 7

The FBI has released new statistics on NICS background checks showing 2013 gun sales hit a new record. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Fri Jan 3

President Obama has released two new executive actions on background checks for gun purchases. ... more

Susan Stamper Brown - Tue Dec 31

Bob Barr - Wed Dec 18

Cortney O'Brien - Mon Dec 16

CNN's Fareed Zakaria lectures Americans on gun culture. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Mon Dec 16

Over the weekend, Gun Owners of America President Larry Pratt sat down for an interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Thu Dec 5

Nobody is coming for your guns, they said. Nobody is taking away your rights, they said. This is all about public safety, they said. ... more

Michelle Malkin - Wed Dec 4

Nicole Bailey - Fri Nov 29

Speaking at DreamWorks Animation, President Obama reaffirmed his commitment to curbing gun violence by calling on the "responsibility" of the entertainment industry. ... more

Michael Schaus - Fri Nov 29

Daniel J. Mitchell - Thu Nov 28

Katie Pavlich - Wed Nov 27

After seeing two of her Colorado colleagues recalled over anti-gun votes, Democratic State Senator Evie Hudak, will submit her resignation. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Tue Nov 26

Kentucky Democrat Alison Grimes is hoping to beat out Republican Senator Mitch McConnell next year for a place in the U.S. Senate, but she isn't as Second Amendment friendly as she'd like voters to think. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Fri Nov 22

Appearing on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight earlier this week, actor Richard Dreyfuss made some refreshing comments about the National Rifle Association, saying that they are best group to turn to for solutions on gun violence while noting they are experts and were founded in order to education people about firearms. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Thu Nov 21

Terry McAuliffe won't take his place as the Governor of Virginia until January, but he isn't wasting any time when it comes to getting ahead on his anti-gun agenda. ... more