Sean Hannity on Townhall

Katie Pavlich - Thu May 9

Michael Reagan - Thu Mar 21

I love talk radio; I love Fox News. If it weren’t for the arrival of their strong conservative voices, Americans would still have nothing to listen to but the one-sided news and opinions of the left-liberals who run the mainstream New York-D.C. media. ... more

Washington, DC - Wed Mar 13

Democratic congressman Jim Moran held a community forum Tuesday to address gun violence. contributor Celia Bigelow asked the lawmaker why he refuses to become pro-choice when a woman wants to defend herself. That ended the so-called conversation. ... more

02/26/2013 - Tue Feb 26

Instead of trying to hammer out a bipartisan solution with Congress Tuesday, President Obama took his sequester scare tactics to the Commonwealth of Virginia. His teleprompter was loaded with same irresponsible rhetoric that we heard exactly a week ago. Hannity put together this highlight reel to illustrate the similarity. Do not adjust your screen. This is not deja vu you're seeing. ... more

New York, NY - Thu Dec 6

She talked with Hannity about who's to blame if we go over the cliff. ... more

America - Wed Dec 5

"They're asking for everyone in the country to be turned into suspects before they have any evidence they've committed a crime." ... more

America - Tue Dec 4

Sarah Palin analyzes Democrats' favorable view of the word "socialism" on Hannity. ... more

America - Tue Oct 2

Ann Coulter claims the political polls are skewed to depress Republican voters. ... more

New York, NY - Tue Sep 25

Coulter discusses the topic of her new book, Mugged, and the race baiting of the Democratic Party. ... more

Fred Lucas - Wed Sep 19

“One party will tax and spend; one party won’t tax but will spend: It’s both of them,” Glenn Beck said at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference. “All they’re talking about is we need a big tent. We need a big tent. Can we get a bigger tent? How can we get a big tent? What is this, a circus?” ... more

Lisa De Pasquale - Mon Sep 10

One of the highlights of my career in the conservative movement was attending a Freedom Alliance dinner with my mother. My mother wore her Navy dress uniform was able to meet Oliver North. A few weeks later, the dinner organizers sent me a photo of their meeting, personalized and signed by North. ... more

Charlotte, NC - Thu Sep 6

"Bias is the wrong word." ... more

Tampa, FL - Wed Aug 29

Kasich discusses how conservative solutions have worked for Ohio and can work for Romney-Ryan. ... more

New York, NY - Fri Aug 24

Townhall's editor, Katie Pavlich on Hannity. ... more

America - Wed Aug 22

Paul Ryan talked about the campaign with Sean Hannity. ... more

New York NY - Sat Aug 11

Sean Hannity speculated that a Romney/Ryan ticket would be a "dream" to some conservatives right before Paul Ryan endorsed Mitt Romney on his show. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Sat Jun 30

New York - Wed Jun 27

Chairman Issa updates Hannity on the Fast and Furious investigation. ... more

New York - Thu Jun 21

Malkin gets into a heated argument with a Hannity guest. ... more

Elisabeth Meinecke - Wed Jun 20

New York - Tue Jun 19

"This is the most divisive administration in modern American politics. Divisive by design." ... more