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Responding to the Obama administration's operatic warnings of catastrophe for Meals on Wheels for the elderly, Head Start, meat inspections, air traffic controllers, and police, fire, and 911 operators if the government reduces the rate of increase of federal spending by 2 percent, radio host Chris Plante offered the following suggestion: "Since this two percent obviously covers all essential government spending, let's cut the other 98 percent!" ... more

02/26/2013 - Tue Feb 26

Instead of trying to hammer out a bipartisan solution with Congress Tuesday, President Obama took his sequester scare tactics to the Commonwealth of Virginia. His teleprompter was loaded with same irresponsible rhetoric that we heard exactly a week ago. Hannity put together this highlight reel to illustrate the similarity. Do not adjust your screen. This is not deja vu you're seeing. ... more

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With Halloween this week, one might assume that orange and black are the hands-down winners for favorite marketing décor. Yet pumpkins and witches hats have a formidable challenger in the pink ribbons signifying breast cancer awareness month, which currently adorn everything from grocery shelves to athletes’ uniforms. ... more

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It’s September, so it’s back-to-school for American kids and other children around the world. Many families pack away the swimsuits and beach gear, unpack the notebooks, lunch bags, brand new shoes, and look forward to the regular routine. ... more

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Americans are more jealous of their freedoms than libertarians sometimes realize. For nearly 150 years, civil liberties in this country have been on the upswing. Ten years after 9/11, they still are. ... more

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President Barack Obama, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, and many in the media continue to forward the absolute farce that the federal government will default on August 2 if we don't increase the debt ceiling. ... more