Saudi Arabian Ambassador on Townhall

Rich Galen - Fri Oct 14

So, let me get this straight: The Iranian government decided it would be a good idea to launch a plot to kill the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the U.S. To do this they sent two geniuses to contact a guy they thought was a Mexican drug bandito but was actually an undercover agent pretending to be a drug bandito to do the deed. ... more Staff - Thu Oct 13

Katie Pavlich - Thu Oct 13

Jackie Gingrich Cushman - Thu Oct 13

"It's the economy stupid" is the infamous mantra conceived by political consultant James Carville that underscored the main issue driving the 1992 presidential race. A few months later, Bill Clinton replaced George H.W. Bush (41) as president, and it was the focus on the economy that got him there. ... more

Reuters News - Wed Oct 12