Satan on Townhall

Brent Bozell - Fri Dec 18

Christine Rousselle - Mon May 12

"The decision by a student club to sponsor an enactment of this ritual is abhorrent; it represents a fundamental affront to the values of inclusion, belonging and mutual respect that must define our community." ... more

Christine Rousselle - Tue Jan 7

The Oklahoma State Capitol already has a statue of the Ten Commandments. ... more

Nicole Bailey - Mon Dec 9

As the debate over religion in American political spaces rages on, Oklahoma state's legislature recently approved a monument of the Biblical Ten Commandments on public ground. A Satanic Temple group has followed suit, claiming Oklahoma's actions have paved the way for a "public-friendly" Satan-related monument "for young children." ... more

Doug Giles - Sun Sep 9

Well, the DNC just wrapped, folks, and it looks like the Prince of Darkness has finally found his political party: the God-booing Democrats! ... more

America - Wed Mar 14

Beck: "You haven't lived until you've had the Nation of Islam threaten you life." ... more

Michael F. Cannon - Mon Dec 19

The Michigan House’s action is consistent with what everyone from the American Legislative Exchange Council to the Heritage Foundation to the Cato Institute has recommended that states do: refuse to create an Exchange and send the money back to Washington. ... more

Cliff May - Thu Oct 20

In 1979, journalists and diplomats reported from Iran on a revolution against the Shah. They were mistaken. The Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and his followers were thinking bigger. Their goal was a global revolution – a revolution against the United States and other “oppressor” powers. ... more

Sandy Rios - Tue Oct 11

Does Mitt Romney, an elder and former missionary of the Mormon Church, believe he will one day be a god…equal to Jesus…ruling his own planet? Does he agree with Mormon teaching that Jesus and Satan are brothers? That America is the Promised Land where Jesus will return one day to rule from the Garden of Eden, which Mormons believe to be Jackson County, Missouri? And do American voters have the right to know this? ... more

Matt Barber - Tue Sep 6

There has been great gnashing of teeth in “progressive” circles of late over “Christian Dominionist Theology.” ... more

Jeff Jacoby - Wed Aug 31

In 2007, a prominent Florida televangelist named Bill Keller condemned Mitt Romney's religion in a "daily devotional" to his 2.4 million e-mail subscribers. ... more

Jonah Goldberg - Wed Aug 3

After Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency changed. As he put it in 1943, "Dr. New Deal" had to be replaced by "Dr. Win the War." ... more

USA - Wed Aug 3

Democrats are calling the debt deal a 'satan sandwich'. What exactly is a 'satan sandwich'? ... more

Bob Burney - Mon Jul 11

It seems that American culture is having increasing trouble with a particular word. No one in government, few in the public square or even those in the pulpit dare utter this word. It grates on the sensibilities of today’s politically mindset. ... more

Michael Youssef - Tue Jun 14

In part one of this series, I made clear, from the words of Jesus and the New Testament, that ministering to the poor and the needy among us is the work of Christian individuals and the church, not the secular government. ... more

Robert Knight - Mon Apr 25

With spring in the air, all but the truly soul-dead feel the pull of not only natural but spiritual renewal. ... more