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Crista Huff - Fri Jun 14

Rich Galen - Wed Nov 2

I haven't got a clue what happened or didn't happen while Herman Cain was CEO of the National Restaurant Association. There appear to be fewer than a dozen people -- the two women and their lawyers, the general counsel and whoever produced the paperwork at the association, the people who wrote and signed the checks, and Herman Cain -- who do know, and as of this writing none of them are talking. So, let's put aside what, if anything, Cain did wrong. ... more

Crista Huff - Thu Sep 29

I like the earnings growth, I love the dividend, and I absolutely hate the share price. I rarely benefit from buying stocks with prices in the teens: I avoid them like the plague. ... more

John Ransom - Wed Sep 21

Critics will say that Obama and Carter were victims of policies that started way before them. True enough. But neither did anything to change the trend and it ended badly for one. LBJ moved us right with Nixon; Carter moved us righter with Reagan; and I think Obama will move us righter still with…well, you tell me. ... more

Rich Galen - Fri Aug 26

Just went through a 5.9 earthquake. We who live along the Potomac River are on flood watch. The Libyans can't find Moammar Gaddhafi and, more important, don't have any idea how to run the country even if they do. And, Hurricane Irene is taking dead aim at the Eastern coast of the United States. ... more

AP News - Sat Aug 20

Bruce Bialosky - Mon Apr 11

Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, was recently appointed by President Obama to chair the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. ... more