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and not in the Michelle Obama-esque "let's move" way. ... more

Brooke Carlucci - Fri Aug 7

A surge of "sophisticated cyberattacks" coming from Russia has been occurring since July 25th affecting 4,000 military and civilian personal who work for the Pentagons Joint Chiefs of Staff shutting down the Joint Chiefs of Staff email account. ... more

Daniel Davis - Fri Jul 10

Russia gave the United States a disparaging snub this past July 4 when it sent long-range bombers off the coasts of both Alaska and California, followed by a congratulatory letter to President Obama. ... more

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The move is meant to reassure NATO allies in eastern Europe that the U.S. stands behind them. But it comes a year late. ... more

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Saber rattled. ... more

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Delegations from the European Union, United Nations, 6-7 nations, global investors and businesses met in Kiev, Ukraine on Tuesday for an international conference to discuss cooperation in financial support, trade and national security measures for that country. ... more

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