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  • Paul Jacob - The Soulless Opposition

    The Soulless Opposition

    Paul Jacob
    Posted: 10/2/2011 12:00:06 AM EST
    One problem with partisanship is surely the tendency to look at your opponents as the embodiment of pure evil.
  • Donald Lambro - For the GOP, Romney and Perry Are Still the Guys to Beat

    For the GOP, Romney and Perry Are Still the Guys to Beat

    Donald Lambro
    Posted: 9/29/2011 10:06:00 PM EST
    Thus far, the maddening Republican storyline in the presidential election cycle is complicating the party's prospects of winning back the White House in 2012.
  • Brent Bozell - An Ugly Sunrise for Republicans

    An Ugly Sunrise for Republicans

    Brent Bozell
    Posted: 9/28/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    No one thinks Barack Obama is sitting pretty in this race for the White House. The Real Clear Politics average of the mid-September approval-rating polls measures him at 43 percent approval, 51 percent disapproval. With these numbers, they should be measuring his political coffin. But to listen to the networks talk, it's the Republican field that is a mess in desperate need of new talent, and its debate audiences are a bloodthirsty horror movie.
  • Rich Galen - Raising Cain

    Raising Cain

    Rich Galen
    Posted: 9/26/2011 11:27:00 AM EST
    Just before 6 PM Saturday, the remarkably efficient information loop known as Twitter exploded with the news that Herman Cain had won the straw poll in Florida.
  • Jonah Goldberg - Tyranny of the Typical

    Tyranny of the Typical

    Jonah Goldberg
    Posted: 9/21/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    In his 1973 "Libertarian Manifesto," the late Murray Rothbard argued that the biggest obstacle in the road out of serfdom was "status quo bias." In society, we're accustomed to rapid change. "New products, new life styles, new ideas are often embraced eagerly." Not so with government.
  • Ann Coulter - So A Comatose Guy Walks Into a Bar

    So A Comatose Guy Walks Into a Bar

    Ann Coulter
    Posted: 9/14/2011 6:35:00 PM EST
    People aren't buying the left's emotional appeals about imaginary victims anymore. The audience member's "Yes!" was a way of laughing in the moderators' faces for trying to pull that crap.
  • Rich Galen - The CNN/Tea Party Debate

    The CNN/Tea Party Debate

    Rich Galen
    Posted: 9/13/2011 4:11:00 PM EST
    A breakdown of the CNN/Tea Party Express debate.
  • John Ransom - Paul Krugman is Insane

    Paul Krugman is Insane

    John Ransom
    Posted: 9/12/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    This is not a country that has a great fear of expressing itself. We have way too much self-love for that. If we were secretly ashamed, we’d go on Oprah and proclaim our secret shame to the world, as many liberals like Krugman have done. Or we'd write a book about it.
  • Paul Greenberg - The GOP Field Expands -- and Narrows

    The GOP Field Expands -- and Narrows

    Paul Greenberg
    Posted: 9/9/2011 12:07:00 PM EST
    It was only fitting that the Republican presidential hopefuls -- or at least eight of them out of a growing crowd -- would be invited to gather at the Reagan Library in the once Golden State, whose parlous economic condition now mirrors that of the country.
  • Debra J. Saunders - Perry Punches at GOP Debate -- Both Hits and Misses

    Perry Punches at GOP Debate -- Both Hits and Misses

    Debra J. Saunders
    Posted: 9/9/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a problem. The GOP primary has turned into a two-man race between him and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, it became clear during Wednesday's debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.
  • Rich Galen - The Reagan Library Debate

    The Reagan Library Debate

    Rich Galen
    Posted: 9/8/2011 1:45:00 PM EST
    This worked pretty well in Ames, Iowa so let's do it again. Here are my pre- and post-debate impressions.
  • Katie Kieffer - Start Saying 'Electable'

    Start Saying 'Electable'

    Katie Kieffer
    Posted: 9/5/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    Let’s all agree to take a month off from using the word “unelectable.” I promise it won’t be nearly as hard as refraining from using your iPhone for a day.
  • Rich Galen - Perry Leads on All Fronts

    Perry Leads on All Fronts

    Rich Galen
    Posted: 8/30/2011 10:48:00 AM EST
    National polls measuring support during the primary season are suspect because we don't have national primaries. We have state-by-state primaries and caucuses.
  • John Ransom - Obama is a Bad President: An Answer to Jonathan Alter

    Obama is a Bad President: An Answer to Jonathan Alter

    John Ransom
    Posted: 8/27/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    Jonathan Alter asked sincerely why everyone thinks Obama's such a bad president. I will answer with five reasons based on substance, although I could probably come up with twenty reasons easily.
  • Ryan James Girdusky - If President Obama Can Ignore Immigration Law, President Bachmann Can Ignore Abortion Law

    If President Obama Can Ignore Immigration Law, President Bachmann Can Ignore Abortion Law

    Ryan James Girdusky
    Posted: 8/26/2011 2:12:00 PM EST
    Last week, the Obama administration announced it will halt deportations of illegal immigrants on a case-by-case basis depending on whether they held certain criteria. Such criteria included attending school, having a family and having primary care responsibility for a family member.
  • Peter Schiff - Ron Paul was Right and it Makes Some Green

    Ron Paul was Right and it Makes Some Green

    Peter Schiff
    Posted: 8/26/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    By any objective standard the portfolio would make any financial superstar green with jealousy. Fueled by his understanding of the inflationary policies unrelentingly pushed by his colleagues in Washington, Ron wisely loaded up on gold and gold mining stocks in the mid to late 1990s when those assets were regarded as the poor stepchildren of Wall Street.
  • Byron York - GOP Operatives Fear Lasting Ron Paul Problem

    GOP Operatives Fear Lasting Ron Paul Problem

    Byron York
    Posted: 8/23/2011 12:20:00 PM EST
    Republicans dodged a big bullet at the Ames, Iowa, straw poll. If just 77 of the 4,283 people who voted for Rep. Michele Bachmann had voted instead for Rep. Ron Paul, then Paul would have won the straw poll. In the end, Bachmann came out ahead with 28.55 percent of the vote to Paul's 27.65 percent. No other candidate was close.
  • Bruce Bialosky - Focus Folks, Its Obama

    Focus Folks, Its Obama

    Bruce Bialosky
    Posted: 8/22/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    As the field of Republican Presidential candidates becomes clear, the media continues to incite controversy among them. This became obvious with the back and forth at the Iowa debate. For the most part, the candidates kept their focus throughout – the problem is Obama and come November 2012 he must be defeated.
  • Marjorie Dannenfelser  - No Truce on Abortion For 2012 Candidates

    No Truce on Abortion For 2012 Candidates

    Marjorie Dannenfelser
    Posted: 8/19/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    Some Republicans in recent months have suggested that social issues, including the issue of protecting innocent, unborn children, will take a back seat during the 2012 election cycle. The nation’s unemployment rates, foreclosure rate, and credit rating, are all worse than they were when Obama took office in 2009.
  • Paul Greenberg - Who's In, Who's Out

    Who's In, Who's Out

    Paul Greenberg
    Posted: 8/17/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    Who says presidential debates and straw polls don't matter?