Romneycare on Townhall

John Ransom - Wed Jun 15

For 2012, the subtext of the campaigns will likely be the intended consequences of legislation, like Dodd-Frank, that doesn’t even attempt to address the problems that they are supposed to ameliorate. That could benefit Michele Bachmann outsider bid to be president. ... more

Helen Whalen Cohen - Sun Jun 12

John C. Goodman - Wed May 25

This is a speech Mitt Romney should have given last year. It may even work this year. ... more

Jeff Jacoby - Wed May 18

Mitt Romney has been stalwart in his defense of the individual mandate -- the obligation to buy health insurance that is at the heart of both the law he signed in Massachusetts in 2006 and the federal version President Obama enacted last year. ... more

Jeff Jacoby - Thu Mar 10

Romney should promote legislation that would allow Massachusetts residents to purchase any health insurance policy that is properly licensed in any other state, and for that policy to be enforced according to that state's laws. ... more

Rachel Alexander - Wed Mar 9

Getting lost with all the names being floated around for a GOP presidential primary? Here's the ones you need to know. ... more

Jeff Jacoby - Sun Dec 19

Q: When it comes to a government overhaul of health care, what is the difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney? A: Obama was against an individual insurance mandate before he was for it. Romney was for the mandate before he was against it. ... more