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Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Nov 24

Nominating Mitt Romney is sort of like taking grandma's castor oil. Republicans are dreading the thought of downing their unpleasant-tasting medicine but worry that sooner or later they will have to. ... more

Rachel Alexander - Thu Nov 3

Three years ago, conservative Republicans were falling all over themselves to support Mitt Romney in the Republican primary over John McCain. ... more

Guy Benson - Fri Oct 28

Justin Hart - Tue Oct 25

I use this story to illustrate the current dilemma facing the Republican candidates for President: the red meat you throw at the base is so enticing but it can quickly come back to haunt you. In short: why would you go there? ... more

Daniel Doherty - Sun Oct 23

The famous humorist Will Rogers once said, “We always want the best man to win an election. Unfortunately, he never runs.” ... more Staff - Wed Oct 19

Guy Benson - Wed Oct 19

John Hawkins - Tue Oct 18

He has excellent name recognition, he's extremely well organized, he's a great fundraiser, he's become a polished debater, and he's not gaffe prone....All that being said, there's a reason why Mitt Romney has been unable to walk away with the nomination despite all of those advantages. ... more

Peter Ferrara - Tue Oct 11

Last week, Newt Gingrich released his 21st Century Contract with America, composed of 10 specific legislative proposals he would enact if elected President. In the 1994 Congressional campaigns, Republicans not only rode Newt's Contract with America proposals to Republican majorities in Congress. They maintained their House majority for 12 years, after Republicans had only held a House majority for 2 of the previous 74 years. ... more

Larry Elder - Thu Sep 29

Why did the Obama administration, after dragging out the various court challenges to ObamaCare, suddenly step on the gas? ... more

Star Parker - Mon Sep 26

The presidential debates are looking more and more like symptoms of the problems we’ve got than part of the process of solving them. ... more

Rich Galen - Fri Sep 23

The stock market is in free fall: The Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost 675 points or almost nine percent of its value in the past two days alone, so it is likely the economy will be a big part of the debate. The execution of Troy Davis in Georgia Wednesday night will doubtless be a subject of discussion as well. On foreign policy, the Israel/Palestine issue is at the top of the stack; and funding FEMA - UH-gain - will probably be dealt with. ... more

Michael Reagan - Wed Sep 21

There's one sure way for Republicans and conservatives to lose the 2012 presidential election -- split over who their presidential nominee will be, and fail to go all-out to support the winner. ... more

Terry Jeffrey - Wed Sep 7

When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts in April 2006, he signed a health care reform bill that required all adults in that state to purchase health insurance by July 1 of the following year. ... more

Larry Elder - Thu Aug 11

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney wants to be president. And a plurality of Republican voters want him to be president. Recent polls show Republican nominee Romney beating President Barack Obama. Three big issues, however, threaten to implode the GOP front-runner's nomination, let alone general election victory. ... more

John C. Goodman - Sat Jul 9

Most conservative critics of the Massachusetts health reform have focused on any piece of bad news about the program they can find. After all, if this is the model for the federal legislation everyone calls “ObamaCare” it’s got to have a lot of defects. Right? ... more

USA - Tue Jul 5

Bill Clinton says he likes Huntsman and Romney. ... more

Donald Lambro - Fri Jun 24

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's lower economic growth estimates for this year and next diminish President Obama's already weakened prospects for a second term. ... more

New York - Fri Jun 17

Hannity hosted Pawlenty last night to talk health care. ... more

John Ransom - Wed Jun 15

For 2012, the subtext of the campaigns will likely be the intended consequences of legislation, like Dodd-Frank, that doesn’t even attempt to address the problems that they are supposed to ameliorate. That could benefit Michele Bachmann outsider bid to be president. ... more