romney on Townhall

Brent Bozell - Wed Nov 21

The post mortems on the presidential campaign continue to pour in, the ones on the botched Romney effort the more interesting (and more depressing for those of us who supported him). President Obama was clearly vulnerable, and Mitt Romney clearly positioned to defeat him. ... more

Matthew Bowman - Sat Nov 17

My wife and I recently started browsing through classic Twilight Zone episodes. Seems like a reasonable thing for religious conservatives to do in the Obama administration’s America. But I wasn’t prepared for just how relevant it would be. ... more

Celia Bigelow - Fri Nov 16

Is it just me, or does a candidate actually have to reach out to constituents in order to win elections? ... more

Paul Kengor - Tue Nov 13

Mitt Romney lost the presidential race by only two percentage points. If the election had been held just a week earlier, when he was up in the polls, things might have been different. Nonetheless, Mitt Romney lost, and now a bitter debate has ensued over the future of the Republican Party, with liberal Democrats happily plunging into the debate. ... more

Robert Knight - Tue Nov 13

“It’s the economy, stupid.” Maybe not. Mired in the worst recovery since the Great Depression, with unemployment near 8 percent, companies laying off workers over Obamacare, a $16 trillion debt and gasoline at double the 2008 price, America still re-elected Barack Obama. ... more

Mark W. Hendrickson - Sat Nov 10

I have awakened on November 7 to learn that your bid for the presidency was unsuccessful. ... more

Diana West - Fri Nov 9

If Election Day is about picking winners, the morning after is for post-mortems. That's when we slice open the losing campaigns, set aside the hundreds of millions of dollars that gush out, and pick apart the cause of death. ... more