Right to Work Legislation on Townhall

Matt Vespa - Thu Apr 2

Democrats have held the line for decades, but the tide seems to be turning. ... more

Chris Malagisi - Wed Jan 2

At this point in time, most people are probably familiar with the 'Right to Work' drama that ensued last week in Michigan. Through a debate with a staunch pro-union friend of mine, it dawned on me that perhaps there were some people who might not actually understand what it means to be pro 'Right to Work.' ... more

Steve Chapman - Sun Dec 16

Some people love right-to-work laws, and some people really hate them. The reaction in Michigan when Republican Gov. Rick Snyder signed one has been not only spirited but downright violent at times. ... more

Detroit, MI - Tue Dec 11

"They're trying to ruin our family, take away our rights," another says. ... more

Kyle Olson - Mon Dec 3

When it rains it pours for the Michigan Education Association ... more

Brett McMahon - Wed Mar 28

With Santorum’s win this last weekend in Louisiana, he continues a trend of faring better than Romney in Right-to-Work (RTW) states. Many of these RTW states are located in the south and have historically been states that haven’t been impacted by labor unions such as those in the northeast and midwest. ... more

Vincent Vernuccio - Sat Feb 4

Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois soon may need to construct a wall—not to keep people out but to keep business in. While such a drastic move is unlikely, they will need to do something because they are at a severe regional economic disadvantage now that Indiana has passed a right to work law. ... more