Rhetoric on Townhall

Washington, DC - Wed Jan 25

Obama caught plagiarizing his own SOTU address. Oops. ... more

George Friedman - Tue Jan 24

A visit by a high-level U.S. defense official to Israel was already guaranteed to capture Iran's attention, especially coming on the heels of Iranian military maneuvers centered on the Strait of Hormuz. ... more

David Stokes - Fri Dec 9

The earth moved the other day. The shaking was felt from Long Island to Michigan and was triggered by two giants turning over in their graves. ... more

Bill O'Reilly - Sat Nov 19

With his poll numbers dropping like dissidents in Syria, President Barack Obama has to be hoping the national media will continue to help him out. ... more

Jonah Goldberg - Wed Nov 9

You know who I blame for the terrible tone in American politics? Tom Brokaw. No, not the man himself, but what he represents. ... more

Christopher Prandoni - Tue Nov 8

Democrats should be rooting for America’s oil and natural gas producers to succeed—the nine million people employed by the industry and millions of shareholders certainly are. Not cheering yet? You should be. In all likelihood, you are Big Oil. ... more

Austin Hill - Sun Nov 6

What happens to a U.S. President when he aligns himself with civil unrest? Barack Obama’s pledge to the occupy protesters that he is “on their side” is – to use the President’s word of choice to describe himself – “unprecedented.” Where this association takes him and his fellow Democrats will be very interesting to watch. ... more

Peter Ferrara - Thu Nov 3

At the Heritage Foundation last week, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan demonstrated why he doesn't need to be running for President to be framing the debate for 2012. He delivered there on October 26 a breathtakingly beautiful speech on Saving the American Idea, which defines the Spirit of 2012. ... more

Jeff Jacoby - Wed Nov 2

At the Occupy Phoenix demonstrations, fliers encourage protesters to violently resist police officers, asserting that "you will usually have only two options: submit, or kill the cop." At Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, an Occupy Wall Street protester was sexually assaulted in her tent; according to the New York Post, a woman was raped at the same site a few weeks earlier. ... more