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Robert Knight - Tue Oct 6

Rich Galen - Thu Apr 9

Sarah Jean Seman - Mon Oct 13

Colorado Gov. John Hickenloopers (D) campaign spokesperson Eddie Stern allegedly escorted a reporter out of their building Friday and dialed 911 with the intent to have him arrested. ... more

Mike Adams - Fri Aug 22

John Stossel - Tue Jul 8

Heather Ginsberg - Thu Jul 25

We have all heard about liberal media bias, but this is just over the top. When the president begins looking to reporters for advice and approval of his policies, you know there is a problem! ... more

Heather Ginsberg - Sat Jun 8

After the information about the Department of Justice collecting data on reporters, President Obama said that this could cause a “chill the investigative journalism that holds government accountable”. ... more

Rich Galen - Fri May 31