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"People just dont wake up in the morning saying I'm going to write a check for $25,000 without talking to someone." ... more Staff - Thu Feb 12

Hillary Clinton is running for president, but based on the extent of her engagement, you'd never know it. Sure, she sends out a tweet here and there, but there are no interviews, no press conferences -- nothing. So, why is she hiding? Salem radio host Hugh Hewitt and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus weigh in. ... more

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Kevin Glass - Mon May 26

At the end of last week the RNC filed a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission, saying that the limits on individual and group donations are unconstitutional. This would be another big victory for speech advocates if it were to succeed, following the landmark Citizens United decision. ... more

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After Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli narrowly lost his bid for governor last night to Terry McAuliffe, many Republicans – and conservatives, in particular – are asking lots of questions about why the Republican candidate was so handily outspent. ... more

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